A thought or two…

When I was a kid I used to sit on the porch and listen to the ice cream truck hoping the distant melody would soon be approaching my block.  Sometimes we’d ride around on hot summer days trying to track it down.  Honestly, the more we road the further away it seemed.  I remember it with a hazy yellow glow over the green waving trees and the hot white cement.  Popsicles melting down our hands on our way home.

Now that I’m an adult, I often think about what it’s like to be a kid and maintaining the curiosity that got me to this place to begin with.  Music, for me, feels like a big breath in.  Chasing curiosity is what keeps me breathing. When I’m out of joy or inspiration, music brings me back to that place again.

The thing about me is, I may be too honest.  In life, people can’t handle the truth, they freak out.  But in music honesty is the most interesting part. Vulnerability is what connects us all.  So in my world of cascading rhythms and synchronize lyrics, I find, the truth isn’t something people shy away from.

Sometimes, who you are fits better in different spaces.  For me music is that space. While you may wonder what some of my songs are about, you’d be surprised that it’s probably far from what you are thinking.