Reinventing yourself.

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Every 7-10 years I feel like I have to re-invent myself.  Start from scratch and evaluate: who am i now?   I’m in that moment.  I went for a run the other night and I ended up walking for hours.  It’s not easy to change.  What is easy is to remember the past and forget about finding something that inspires you NOW.   I’m looking for inspiration, I’m looking for a challenge that makes me feel alive.

You know how some people feel chaotic when you are around them, like they’ve been drinking coffee and now they are on high speed.   I feel tempted to do that, to run around frantically trying to really LIVE.  Then I run across other people doing this exact thing.  I realize that’s not living at all, it’s filling space.

What is inspiring to you?  what makes you feel alive?  I’d love to hear that.  I feel that what used to make me feel alive no longer does and entertaining myself is NOT fulfilling anymore.

What makes you feel fulfilled?

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