Most Beautiful Memory to Date

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If you know me I’ve probably asked you what your most beautiful memory is.  I find it intriguing to know what someone else has experienced and what they remember.   My most beautiful memory to date goes something like this:

I was in Nepal the summer of 1999.  We drove up a mountain in a scary unstable vehicle, I remember thinking we might fall off of this mountain today.  But It was green, everything was green.  The steeper we climbed the more lush it got.   After an couple of hours or so of driving at a 80 degree angle we finally reached the top of this mountain.  Relived to be alive, I jumped out of the car and was immediately consumed by the clouds.  I was shocked to be shifting my arms through white billowy air.   It was incredible.  We were heading to a dinner at this hotel, but we spent quite a bit of time outside because there were white butterflies swarming everywhere.  WOW> we were in the middle of clouds surrounded by butterflies, when you could see through you’d see peaks of lush green rolling mountains.  I can’t imagine another experience embedding itself in my mind like this one.

What’s your most beautiful memory?? leave it in the comments, I would love that.